Most of the paintings in this portfolio were commissioned by customers who wanted a certain person, building, boat or scene. I try to listen very hard to my customer wants and so far, I've gotten 100% satisfaction reviews. Commission cost a bit more than my other oil paintings.  Commission for Museum of History and Industry ExhibitCommission for an AuctionWarriorsRoe WarriorRoe WarriorRoe WarriorCommission3/4 view of the Klondike Gold Rush MuseumKlondike Gold Rush MuseumCommissionSkylerCommissionAlmost HomeCommissionCommissionPainting for Personal UseCamp Kesher t-shirt designCamp Kesher t-shirt designCamp Kesher t-shirt designOld Family PhotosOld Family PhotosCommissionCommissionCommissionMillie RooCommissionCommissionAnn's LibraryCommissionCommissionCommissionCommission