I have been moving away from landscape paintings to more city and town paintings often inhabited with people as cities and towns really are. I like creating places where people are doing something like reading or having coffee, shopping, fixing their boat, etc. About a third of the pieces in this section were painted plein air which literally means "fresh air" but for painting means painted on-site. I only plein air in the summer but it's super fun and super challenging. During the other three seasons I mix painting still life set-ups in my studio with painting from reference photographs. I'm an avid photographer and only paint from my own photographs often combining parts of many photographs to create one painting.

Eveing StrollBoatyard DanceDirection to ReflectionMy TownHappiness TastedIgnight the NightLost and FoundCommissionNight ThnkerOld TownPatchworkNorth ViewGirl in YellowRed DoorShift in PerspectiveRiver SentriesSouth ViewStart the ConversationSummer SolsticeVillage SquareWet OneWine CountryWinter's Light